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New Advanced Seminar on Machine Learning

Jun. Prof. Ziyue Li offers an additional Advanced Seminar in the summer term 2022.

Dear Master Students,

We have an important announcement on a new course offering for the upcoming semester. Jun. Prof. Ziyue Li recently joined the Institute. His teaching and research interest involve machine learning and artificial intelligence. He will offer an advanced seminar on Machine Learning this summer semester. Please read below how you can participate. Here is a little teaser on the seminar’s contents:

How did AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol? How does Tesla work? How does iPhone's facial unlocking work? Why can Siri and Alexa understand? How does the traffic in megacity run smoothly?

In this Advanced Seminar, we will together take the voyage throughout machine learning and artificial intelligence: from linear regression to high-dimensional prediction, from decision tree to reinforcement learning, from topic model to natural language process, from statistics to neural networks. Gradually, you find the answers to those questions and learn how there technologies have been applied in different domains, such as smart energy, intelligent transport, natural language recognition, decision intelligence, and more.

You can find the course in KLIPS here:

On the bottom of the page in KLIPS, you can find the course syllbus with more information.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ziyue directly via email .
(Exception for this semester only: you are able to switch seats to Ziyue’s seminar if you have already been allocated to another advanced seminar)